A free space on the water!

The Insola is a free space in Berlin for art, music, and performances at the center of Rummelsburger Bay. The shortage of creative space in Berlin is a bitter reality. Culture is disappearing and has been pushed to the edges of the city. The Insola is an approach in the opposite direction, a shift from land to water to reestablish cultural activities within the city’s boundaries. This project aims to create a community of artists and open-mind people with the same intent of keeping a lively cultural scene in Berlin.

We designed the space as a blue framework delivering a flexible architectural artifact that adapts its structure for different projects. The main deck is 12 m2 (3×4 meters), and the tower is 7.5 m in height. Our mission was to enable people to connect with the water by building a space where everyone could stay and share their values within a community. We encourage anyone from Berlin and outside to use the Insola and to create a free culture for everyone. The Rummelsburger Bay is a 1.6 km long bay between the Stralau peninsula and Lichtenberg.

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